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empowering you sip by sip

Donesvi is pleased to offer a wide array of tastings that can be tailored to suit various occasions and purposes. Our tastings are not limited to personal enjoyment but can also be organized for businesswomen, team-building activities, corporate events, or simply as an opportunity to deepen one's knowledge of wine.
Supporting business women

We understand the importance of networking and fostering connections in a professional setting, which is why we offer tastings that cater specifically to the needs of businesswomen. These tastings provide a unique platform for networking, relationship-building, and sharing experiences among like-minded professionals.

Serving wine during a wine tasting
Team enjoying wine with colleagues
Team-building tastings

Additionally, our tastings can be customized to serve as engaging team-building exercises, where colleagues can bond over the shared enjoyment of wine and strengthen their working relationships.

Our team-building tastings offer a unique and interactive experience that promotes collaboration, communication, and camaraderie among team members.

Corporate events tastings

Furthermore, we have the expertise to curate tastings for corporate events, adding a touch of sophistication and enjoyment to any gathering.

Participants can expect a curated selection of wines that showcase exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

These tastings create a refined and enjoyable ambiance, allowing colleagues and clients to connect, network, and build relationships in a relaxed setting. With a focus on professionalism and hospitality, our corporate events tastings provide a memorable experience that reflects the company's commitment to excellence and creates lasting impressions.

A break during a wine course
A team tasting wine
Tastings to enjoy and learn

Our tastings for knowledge and enjoyment are designed to deepen participants' understanding and appreciation of wine in a relaxed and educational setting. Led by experienced wine experts, these tastings offer a journey of discovery through different grape varietals, wine regions, and tasting techniques. Attendees can expect engaging discussions on wine production, terroir, and the art of wine tasting. Through guided tastings, participants will explore a diverse selection of wines, enhancing their sensory perception and developing their palate. 

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