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Wine expert Emma Benet


Donesvi is a wine club created in 2018 with the soul of a woman whose spirit is to visualize honest wines with the female figure as the central axis. We are Emma and Laura, two women with different backgrounds, wine experts with a great passion for educating about this fascinating world.

With the female figure at the center of our team, we embrace diversity, inclusion and empowerment, bringing a unique perspective and exceptional sensitivity to the process of creating our project.


Each bottle that we hold in our hands is a tribute to the strength, talent and passion of the women who have left their mark on each stage of winemaking.

Wine expert Laura Milán
Femenine Charm

At Donesvi, we honor the prominent role of women in the world of wine. In each bottle, behind each wine, there is always a female figure present. From the winemakers to the passionate owners, the creative label designers and the gracious hostesses on our wine tours, women are the heart and soul of our Club.

Woman holding a wine glass and dog looking at her
Holding Soil. Feeling the terroir of the wine region.
Honest wines

Honest wines are characterized by their commitment to transparency, authenticity, and minimal intervention in the winemaking process. They showcase the true expression of the grape and the terroir. Women play a significant role in the world of wine, contributing as winemakers, owners, label designers, and hospitality professionals.

Their expertise, creativity, and passion are reflected in every bottle of honest wine. By honoring the prominent role of women in the industry, honest wines celebrate diversity, empowerment, and the unique perspectives they bring to the creation of exceptional wines.

Family atmosphere

When it comes to exceptional wines, nothing compares to the craftsmanship and dedication of winemakers who work with unwavering passion.

Visiting these wineries offers a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the love and labor that goes into each bottle. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with a sense of familial connection and pride. From the vineyard walks to the cellar tours, you will be immersed in the winemaking journey, gaining insights into the techniques, traditions, and philosophies that guide these winemakers.

Woman looking at the vineyards holding a glass of red wine.
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