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A couple enjoying amazing views in a wine region near Barcelona
How does it work

  • Pick-up and return at client's venue: Our wine tour starts and finishes with a convenient pick-up service, where we arrange to pick up the client directly from their chosen venue, whether it's a hotel, residence, or any other designated location. 

  • Private Car Transportation: We provide comfortable private car transportation for the entire duration of the wine tour. 

  • Wine Region Visit: Once we reach the designated wine region, clients will have the opportunity to explore and experience the beauty and charm of renowned vineyards. The regions are known for their exceptional wine production and breathtaking landscapes.

  • Visit Wineries: During the tour, we carefully select wineries that showcase the best of the region's wine-making traditions and practices. Clients will have the chance to visit these wineries and gain insights into the wine-making process, from vine to bottle. They can indulge in wine tastings and learn about different grape varieties, production techniques, and regional specialties.

  • Bilingual Wine Expert: Our wine tours are guided by knowledgeable and bilingual wine experts. These experts possess a deep understanding of wines and the wine regions, enabling them to provide valuable insights and answer any questions clients may have. They are passionate about sharing their expertise and creating an engaging and educational experience for our clients.

Types of tours
  • Women-Focused Tours: At Donesvi, we believe in celebrating the role of women in the world of wine. Our women-focused wine tours provide a unique opportunity to learn about the history, contributions, and accomplishments of women in winemaking, while also savoring exceptional wines and enjoying the beauty of the wine region.

  • Honest Wines Tours: For wine enthusiasts who appreciate authenticity and transparency in winemaking, we offer honest wines tours. These tours focus on vineyards and wineries that prioritize sustainable and organic practices, showcasing wines that reflect the true character of the region.

  • Cultural Tours: Our cultural tours go beyond wine tasting and delve into the rich cultural heritage of the wine region. Clients can explore historical sites, visit local landmarks, and immerse themselves in the traditions and customs that shape the region's wine culture.

At Donesvi, we take pride in offering a diverse range of wine tours that cater to different interests and preferences, providing an enriching and personalized experience for our clients.

Wine tour guide explaining the process of making wine


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” — Benjamin Franklin

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