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improve your wine business

Nice room with wine pairing
wine glasses hanging

Wine corporate

Our wine tastings and courses can also be tailored for businesses that wish to enhance their employees' knowledge of wine and at the same time empower their team building skills.

For you, who have a restaurant or a winery and also want to bet on providing excellent service at the wine level.

We propose a short course that is accessible to all staff. Your customers will appreciate the theoretical and practical knowledge of wine of the staff.



Contact us if you want to improve the way you sell your experience to your costumers.

We can draw a tailored strategy to attract more clients and provide them with a unique and memorable souvenir of their experience with you.

The spaces where your clients will have your wine experiences will define if they will feel like coming back, taking more people over or simply buying your wine when seeing it in a supermarket.

Laura Milán* will be delighted to come over and help you to create this cozy space.

Cava vi rosat a la llibreria Byron
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