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September 2023

Women in the lead

Rexach Baqués winery

In this captivating wine podcast episode, I sit down with Montse Rexach, the dynamic force behind Rexach Baques winery, representing the fourth generation of her family's legacy. Our conversation delves into her unique journey as a woman at the helm of a renowned winery, shedding light on the evolving role of women in the wine industry. Montse passionately shares insights into the art of crafting organic wines, a hallmark of Rexach Baques. Her dedication to sustainable practices and her deep-rooted connection to the winemaking tradition paint a vivid picture of her commitment to quality and innovation in every bottle. Tune in to explore the rich tapestry of history, gender dynamics, and the exquisite world of organic wine through Montse's inspiring perspective.
Propietària del celler de cava
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