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Glass of red wine

Wines with women's soul

Our dedication to empowering women extends beyond the wine


. 3 bottles every 3 months
. Discover each women behind each bottle
. Empower yourself by learning more about wine
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wines chosen by us

each box contains 3 bottles with their explanation

podcast with the story of the woman behind each bottle

free shipping to club members every quarter

without permanence

What are winelovers saying about us?

"Emma is an excellent guide for a thoroughly enjoyable food and wine experience. She is very knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful. I would recommend this for a great day outside of the hustle of Barcelona."

Robert Chuong

Members of Donesvi Emma Benet and Laura Milán

A sip of us

Welcome to Donesvi, where wine meets empowerment. We are a unique platform that celebrates the essence of women in the world of wine.

Our mission is to promote inclusivity, diversity, and equal representation while sharing our passion for exceptional wines.

At Donesvi, we curate a carefully selected collection of wines that embody the artistry, dedication, and spirit of the remarkable women behind them.

With each sip, you'll experience the stories, traditions, and distinctive flavors that make these wines truly exceptional.

We offer immersive experiences such as wine tours, tastings, and exclusive events that connect wine lovers with the vibrant world of wine.
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